How I Cook

This blog will really make me think about what I am doing, and I will need to plan ahead to ensure that I have all my equipment to hand, including my camera.

When I first use a new recipe I tend to slavishly follow the ingredients, weights and measurements, and then when I feel comfortable with the recipe I slip into a ‘non-engineer’ mode and make it up as I go along, relying on my memory, sometimes giving less than expected results. So this blog will force me back onto the straight and narrow.

I do not use an electronic scale, because I prefer to use a spring scale that does not cost to use expensive batteries.

I will also put all measurements in metric, imperial and cup measures, which will be a bind for me, but it needs to be done so that all can readily read and use a recipe. Similarly oven temperatures will be in centigrade, fahrenheit, gas mark numbers and AGA stove heat ratings.

Also I will not bang on about using kosher salt or organic food or any faddish, must use food or condiment. That is your choice and yours alone. You use what you feel comfortable using, as we do.

It would be lovely to hear your thoughts and feedback ~ enjoy! Take a look at my latest recipes here


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