Deep Fried Stuffed Queen Olives


I just love olives. Any sort. I also cure raw olives bought from a local market in the autumn, and that means I can add all the garlic and herbs I want.

This, however is an antipasto or ordeauve that can be put together in about 10 minutes, using the large or queen olives. You can buy them with stuffing, but it would be a matter of a few minutes to stuff them yourself with red or yellow pepper, garlic or anchovy.



5 or 6 queen olives per person

oil for deep frying


egg, beaten



Drain the olives on kitchen paper

Bring the frying oil up to temperature. If using a deep frying machine then set the temperature to 185 C/360 -370 F. If using a normal saucepan then you want to have the oil deep enough to just cover the olives. If you haven’t got an oil thermometer then the oil is hot enough when a small cube of bread browns in about 2 minutes.

Working quickly dip each olive in turn into the flour, then the beaten egg and finally the breadcrumbs, repeating the process so as to double dip each olive.

Put each olive into the hot oil for about 2 minutes, turning the olive over at least once.

Remove, when golden, with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper.

Serve as soon as the last olive is out of the oil. Yummee!



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